1. More 4:28
  2. Happy 3:38
  3. The Turnaround 4:00
  4. I Can't Hear You 3:20
  5. You Know Where To Find Me 3:55
  6. The End 4:00
  7. Out Of My Hands 3:58
  8. The Lie 3:57
  9. Every Second 4:03
  10. My Finest Hour 3:41
  11. Curtain 3:50


Matthew West

Take a look at the mountains

Stretching a mile high

Take a look at the ocean

Far as your eye can see

And think of Me


Take a look at the desert

Do you feel like a grain of sand

I am with you wherever

Where you go is where I am


And I’m always thinking of you

Take a look around you

I am spelling it out one by one


I love you more than the sun

And the starts that I thought how to shine

You are mine, and you shine for Me too

I love you yesterday and today

And tomorrow, I’ll say it again and again


Just a face in the city

Just a tear on a crowded street

But you are one in a million

And you belong to Me


And I want you to know

That I am not letting go

Even when you come undone


I love you more


Shine for Me

Shine for Me

Shine on, shine on

Shine for Me


And I see you

And I made you

And I love you more than you can imagine

More than you can fathom

I love you more than the sun

And you shine for me

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