1. Is It Ever 3:59
  2. Screaming Out Loud 4:29
  3. What Kind of Love 4:34
  4. We've Been There 3:51
  5. Sunrise 4:21
  6. Let Them See You 4:23
  7. Flood Down 3:37
  8. All over the World 3:56
  9. You Are the One 3:58
  10. Save Us 4:35

Let Them See You

JJ Weeks Band

Verse 1
Take away the melodies, take away the songs I sing
Take away all the lights and all the songs You let me write
Does the man I am today say the words you need to say

Let them see You in me let them hear You when I speak
Let them feel You when I sing
Let them see You, let them see You in me

Verse 2
Who am I with out Your grace, another smile another face
Another breath a grain of sand passing quickly through Your hand
I give my life an offering take it all take everything

Let them see You in me let them hear You when I speak
Let them feel You when I sing
Let them see You, just let them see You in me

With every breath I breathe I sing a simple melody
But I pray they’ll hear more than a song
In me, in me

Let them see You in me let them hear You when I speak
Let them feel You when I sing
Let them see You

Let them see You in me let them hear You when I speak
Let them feel You when I sing
Let them see You, let them see You in me
Let them see You in me

JJWB Music (BMI)/Johnny Ridgecrest Publishing (ASCAP)

3 stories about "Let Them See You"

  • gilberto preciado-castro says:

    Recently my wife went to be with the lord, at her memorial we gave people a card where they could write down a memory, a moment, a time or any words they wanted to dedicate to my wife or the family. one of the cards from one of her best friends from church talked about how the thing that she could remember most was my wife’s hunger to be used by God to let people see Jesus through her. Every time the song comes on the air I think about my wife and her friend. and I am reminded that I need to let people see Jesus through everything I do. thank you!

  • I recently returned home, from close to a 4 year wrestle with RIGHTEOUSNESS ; as I served in the Army. Initial aim was to instill disciplines which would allow me to be a disciple in His army, true warfare- daily warfare. And your song gave me the hope and strength to remember Christ holds all things together. here is my story. please feel free to ask questions and contact me at michael.a.guiliani@gmail.com or contact me at 724-494-4595.


    SUBJECT: Clarification of Service
    References: Exhibit A= CPT Hardy Louhis
    Exhibit B= SSG Sunuwar
    Exhibit C= MSG Money
    Exhibit D= MAJ Santoli

    To Whom It May Concern:
    Naked and unashamed, I present the context of this letter. In hope and prayer for help, so righteousness will shine light on injustice. My name, Michael Allan Guiliani, son of Duane and Denise Damaso; one of four boys in our sibling force of service. Two of us, Nicholas and me served in the Army. Both of us with Combat tours to Afghanistan. The oldest (Robert) and youngest (Timothy) held down the fort at home in Center Township, Pennsylvania. My parents served the community at Center Deli Mart active in church fundraisers as once having their own non-profit called “Next Step Ministry” through St. Philips Church in Moon twp.
    As a family we provided service opportunities to the local youth to impact their community in a positive manner. My parents instilled fruits of the spirit endlessly through our childhood raising us to reflect our Savior and be an ambassador of His Gospel. Robert, my older brother serves the city of Pittsburgh both in occupation and off time. He has a Masters in Social Work where, he is able to provide compassion and comfort to individuals at crucial times of affliction; with a heart to help the children and give them a future. With a family of his own, a wife and son with a baby girl about to enter this world, Rob still finds time to serve his community, not just as a volunteer going through the motions, but holding a place of value, as Lt. and president of his Fire Hall. In Timothy “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, fir and secure…” (Heb), serving the community through the church, molding the youth of today. Directing them on a path of righteousness; which is found in Jesus? Tim was a huge comfort for me, knowing he was there for my parents, assisting at our local Deli, “Center Deli Mart” while waiting pursuing a higher education. Alleviating concerns in regards to the deli and making sure someone is there for my mom, who is diagnosed with a number of ailments. So I could follow the Lords calling for me to serve in the Army.
    My parents always supporting and endlessly nurturing us through faith; molding four men who do not know how to NOT think of others first and we are loyal to a fault. “For we walk by faith, not by sight; we are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord. Wherefore we labour, that, whether present or absent, we may be accepted of him.” (2 Cor. 5: 7-9) Thank you for your time, it is appreciated, and respect will rightfully be shown regardless of the outcome, due to the time took to care. “Good Samaritans” today are a dying breed.
    I Michael Allan Guiliani spoke the oath and committed to serve the country on 4 October 2010. Specifically choosing 92Y- supply specialist (logistics), due to the responsibility and role I wanted to have in regards to serving the soldiers. Since day one my desire was to serve and supply soldiers with mission essential supplies with a flavor shot, of soul saving essentials. Understanding every soldier attached to Headquarters and Headquarters Battery (HHB), 2-77 Field Artillery of the 4ID, had to come through me in one way, shape or form. Responsible, to make sure every soldier had a soldier issue file to maintain accountability of property issued to a certain soldier. Saying a prayer for each soldier I made a file for. Far from home and far from family taking care of my CDR, 1SG and Joe was top priority.
    Promising myself to be a light of the Lord among the ranks; right from the start it was less of me for the team, the greater good! My 1SG, selflessly chose to sacrifice his “joe” to assist a sister company in need, at my expense. Attaching me to Golf Company, clueless as a new private I observed the supply situation, certain to make things happen. Here is where I met CPT Hardy Louis. Who wrote a letter on my behalf shining light and validating the characteristics of myself previously mentioned! Labeled as Exhibit A.
    Also serving with me in Afghanistan, as he explains, in his letter documenting the selfless service and honor as I served; lending a hand whenever I could. Never was it about me. CPT Louhis, made the statement, “numerous occasions” honorably I put myself aside to serve outside my described duty. Character chiseled to my being of righteousness and work ethic my parents instilled by living examples. My dad putting me in my place, pulling on my reigns to educate me to do the right thing and integrity!
    Too many times to count, I was wrong and my dad was right. And to this day I still fall short. Sin isn’t something that we can pop a pill so it goes away. “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matt 6:34) Peter says, “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1Pet 5:8) And at time I fall victim to Satan’s assaults. Which I stand and confess I am absolutely guilty of some stupid decisions. By no means am I trying to pass the buck or justify my actions, during the events I’m about to explain. Lapse of judgment, stupid, foolish call it how you want. I know I was wrong and accepted the repercussions of my actions honorably.
    Actions including: One Field grade Article 15: which gave me 45 days extra duty, dropped me 2 ranks (which changed my base pay by $800) and a Company Grade Article 15: which took the rest of my rank, dropping my base pay another $200 with 14 days of extra duty. Every bit of the decided discipline I owned and executed.
    Incident 1 was the pawning of government property. I do not have any idea why at the time I felt it was right. The justification I went with was the “Robin Hood” take from the rich and give to the poor-not making it right. Provided the ok from a superior (his name I will remain absent for his sake) I took excess property, which was off the Property Book and Pawned them for money. The only reason why my superior gave the green light and I acted on it was because I had a homeless ministry which I started on Saturday, where I went and fed some guys under a bridge on Cimarron St in Colorado Springs. And with whatever was extra we would go to wal-mart and get canned food or socks, whatever we could to make life a little easier.
    Guilty for taking the property, it wasn’t right. Never would they have known about the property if I didn’t decide to turn myself in because of my own person conviction. I called my 1SG and told him I wanted to report myself to the military police, wanting to reconcile my wrong. No one would have ever known about the property, if I didn’t tell on myself. But conviction in my heart caused me to file a report on myself.
    The repercussion was the Field Grade Article 15, which I spoke about. But didn’t share the biggest penalty of my choice; one “oh no” erased 3 plus years of “that a boys”. I was removed from the supply room, stripped of my purpose in the Army, which I endlessly worked for the 3 previous years. I could only blame myself. Since I enlisted I was preparing myself for my own supply room. Drafting my own SOP’s (system of process) for my supply room, preparing appropriate shortage annexes for the property on the CDR’s property book. Until I made the previously mention decision, understanding the logic behind the decisions to pull me out of the supply room I had been working towards for years. Biting the bullet because I made my own bed; but didn’t take away the feeling of failure of a goal which I thought was already achieved.
    All pawn shop crime occurred in July 2013. I reported myself mid-July after everyone was back from block leave. Here is where my problem starts. Why it took until the end of February to investigate a case which I personal plead guilty to doing I do not understand. Seven months, I was kept in the unknown about my future in the army and what my penalty was going to be. Still not sure what they were investigating because I confessed to the crime? Patiently I went about my duty everyday which wasn’t much because I was flagged, pending investigation. Left to stew for seven months with no purpose not able to go anywhere or see my family because restriction. If I was serving the Army so dishonorably why was I being kept around?
    I will admit I was going crazy! I went from doing everything to doing nothing in a blink of an eye. Left alone with no purpose, no mission, and no motivation, slipping into a very dark place where I had no peace. Self-medicating was my way to cope with all my thoughts. I would abuse cough and cold medicine so I could shut off my mind at night so I could get some sleep. After a while, realizing I was addicted I self-enrolled into the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP). Again, only reason they knew I had a problem was because I asked for help. Self-conviction of my heart; wanting to get help and needed it because it wasn’t right.
    During my intensive outpatient treatment, it was decided to pull me out of treatment for a month for pre-deployment training even though I wasn’t deploying, because I had orders to Hawaii. Honoring the wishes of my command I put my treatment on hold for a month and went to NTC (National Training Center). Attached to Distribution team to run convoys, which maybe I went on 4 convoys in 30 days) All the other days, I was tasked out to the cooks to clean the dishes; absolutely more important than continue treatment for my substance abuse.
    After returning to Colorado my use of pills got even worse after a month of straight ridiculous and unnecessary treatment during NTC. I was a little more than a month out of reporting to a new duty station to start over; still no answers to what was going to be my discipline for the pawn shop incident. Obviously, I wasn’t that jacked up if they were willing to keep me around for 7 more months and take me to training for deployment, instead of letting me maintain treatment for a substance abuse I was seeking help for.
    Christmas Leave came wanting to straighten up and start right; I decided to enroll in a 30 day program at Cedar Springs instead of going home for the Holiday. Hoping to detox and be out by the time the investigation was complete so I can part ways and move on to the next chapter. I graduated from Cedar Springs Chemical Dependency Unity, returning to Fort Carson to find my orders had be canceled due to Adverse Action Flag on a case I confessed to in July of the previous year; putting career progress in the army on pause, until a decision was made.
    Managing my options, I no longer had and will or desire to serve an organization of such ridiculousness. Seeking advice and direction the decision to take a Chapter 9 separation from the Army so I would be able to maintain my benefits because Chapter 9, from what I was told was an honorable discharge, leaving me eligible for my GI bill to go to school. Staying in, if it was an option, I would have had to re-class, which by the time I was through school I would be approaching the end of my term.
    Taking up till the moment the unit was about to deploy, I was finally read my Field Grade Article 15 on the 28th of February 2014; receiving disciplinary action from an event which happened in July of 2013, which again I had admitted to. Please correct me if I’m out of line on why the gap if I was not serving the army honorably?
    Having one of those days, distraught wrestling with my own thoughts, to go and buy some pills to settle the chaos, falling short to temptation. I went to the Post Exchange to purchase some cough and cold pills. While in line, soldiers from my ASAP group recognized me; in the moment concerned with getting caught red handed I put the 2 boxes of pills in my pocket. Paying for the rest of the items I had I walked out of the store. Exited the store, but still wrestling with what I had just done. It was at least 10 minutes I sat on the bench wrestling with submitting to taking these pills when I was approached by security. Who asked me about the boxes of pills?
    Guilty again, admitting my failure and poor choice to shoplift, the police came and arrested me for shop lifting 2 boxes of Cough Medicine, totaling $11. I received a Company level Article 15 which I did not argue. Accepting the discipline; lost the rest of my rank, dropping my base pay another $200 dollars with 14 days of extra duty. No argument I was wrong. Bringing us to the meat of why I am writing this letter to see if you can help. If after reading the exhibits attached and filtering through all the facts, the decision “I did not serve honorably” is concluded I’ll have to accept the verdict.
    I find it very hard to believe two incidents completely excuses all the extra hours of service and Achievements I earned during my term in the Army. Serving a Combat Tour for our country, during the tour receiving two Army Commendation Medals, Combat Action Badge, Combat Spurs, Army Achievement Medal, National Defense Medal, Nato Medal; and received honorable recognition receiving coins from the CSM of the Army Raymond Chandler and the ISAF CSM Thomas R Capel.
    My Character clearly expressed in the exhibits attached. Always active in the community and church; assisting in 2011 in distributing 150,000 tons of food between Sugar City and La Junta through International Christian Fellowship. Providing weekly Bible studies for the soldiers in the barracks on Wednesday nights as well as posting studies on facebook so I can remain influential in the souls saving of the ones I care about, who I can’t see serving honorably all hours of the day, for the majority of my service. Always looking for ways I can shine Gods light; as you can read in the kind words of those who know me and my heart.
    Yes I compromised my righteousness during my service but I don’t believe to the extent where I don’t deserve an honorable discharge; which is where I need help. My Commander Cpt Morse and 1SG Lavigne, only knowing me for a few months want to separate me with a general discharge, which strips me of my education benefits which I have paid into. Already active in the enrollment process with Trinity Seminary, I need and feel I deserve through my service to be able to continue my service in the civilian life with the opportunity to better myself as I pursue my Master of Divinity. Determined to better myself and paying it forward the grace shown to me, by the truth of the Gospel. If there is any way you can help me I would appreciate your time.
    Leaving with the words from Paul, in his second letter to the church of Corinth; “All this is from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not to count men’s sin against them. And He committed to us the message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ’s ambassador, as through God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God. God made Him who had no sin for us so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” (2 Corinthian 5: 18-21) Thank you for your time.

    Not For Us But All For Him,
    Michael Guiliani

    To Whom It May Concern,
    Blessed, with the honor and privilege as SPC Michael Guiliani first line supervisor, while
    assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Battery Supply Sergeant, serving together for over 3
    year’s side-by-side in Afghanistan and on our home front at Fort Carson, CO. By far one of the
    finest soldiers placed under my supervision. Michael’s performance was always above standard
    during duty hours and even more exemplary off duty hours. Active in multiple ministries as well
    as Bible Studies at barracks during our time serving; driving from Sugar City, Colorado for a
    food distribution in the morning. Share a message then drive to La Juanta the same evening to do
    the same.
    Logistics suited Michael specifically due to his servant attitude he always wanted to help
    everybody. Extremely intelligent, as well as intellectual in his subject matter of logistics; as well
    as life’s wisdom fearlessly proclaim his faith. Not just talking his faith but walking his faith.
    Always in precision, set the example for those around the peers and subordinates. Even when
    Michael’s actions were outside his character, humbled by his action, honorably he would accept
    his consequences. Persevering through the trial to regain his witness; willing to work on all areas
    of himself and team work whether at PT or paper work or personal.
    I would like to share a situation to shine light on SPC Guiliani is. First year as a soldier,
    first duty station, PVT Guiliani (at that time) was back in Fort Carson, CO during a 2 week field
    exercise. I was at Fort Lee, VA for Advance Leader Course, left him in charge of my logistics
    section. Miscommunication between the HHB and the supporting battery (Golf Company) in
    regards to supplies for the troops to eat no cups, no plates, and no flatware. PVT Guiliani
    received word of the trouble; out of care and concern for his peers took action. Calculating the
    individuals in the field and the amount of days remaining; went to the Post Exchange and
    purchased the necessary supplies out of his pocket, so his troops would not be without and have
    to eat MRE’s. Was it the right answer? No, but what it was, is the selfless service he displays in
    his daily life. I was able to send Michael forward first during our deployment to Afghanistan,
    completely confident in his capabilities to begin to network and successfully set up our accounts
    to ensure mission essential supplies critical to accomplishing assigned tasks. Trusting he would
    be able to represent HHB honorably serving 2-77 Field Artillery Battalion. He absolutely
    accomplished; allowing me to write this letter of recommendation for an Honorable separation
    because anything else would be dishonorable.
    SSG, USA

    MSG Darryl E. Money
    Master Sergeant United States Army
    8022 Noble Fir Ct
    Colorado Springs
    CO, 80927

    19 May 2014

    To Whom It May Concern,

    It is with great pleasure that I recommend SPC Michael Guiliani as a candidate for your Company Team. SPC Guiliani is currently serving as a supply Sergeant for a 105mm Fires Battalion assigned to a Brigade Combat Team, having served in both Afghanistan and Colorado, with my organization.SPC Guiliani performed two to three pay grades above the rank he possessed. SPC Guiliani performance in this position has been absolutely exemplary. He routinely worked at a level much higher than his rank indicates, he will be a valuable addition to any team.

    I have known SPC Guiliani for in excess of 3 years in my capacity as the Headquarters and Headquarters Battery First Sergeant. Michael worked for me on various projects as a logistician, based on his work, I would rank him as one of the finest subject matter experts we have ever had.

    Michael is highly intelligent, he possess good analytical and communication skills. He can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure the task is accomplished well above published standards. Michael consistently displays the ability to perform his duties and responsibilities with a high level of expertise. He always offered his help and performed superb customer service.

    If his performance in our office is a good indication of how he would perform in yours, he would be an extremely positive asset to your program.

    If I can be of any further assistance, or provide you with further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 719-393-5839 or darryl.e.money.mil@mail.mil.

    Yours sincerely

    MSG, USA
    Operations NCO

    All glory goes to Him as i was able to endure anything thrown my way because i would start to hum your song or cry it out for strength! Refreshing me always so i could continue to live NOT FOR US BUT ALL FOR HIM, AMEN!! THANK YOU

  • Lepaoa Leone says:

    My brothers used to be very strong in the church. Things happened that keyed their faith from a 100 to a 10. YES they go to church but it wasn’t there anymore. I decide as the oldest it was time for me to do something. I still remain my faith in him and encouraging my brothers, there was one time I almost quit until I heard this song. It wasn’t about me it’s GOD. It was an inspirational song telling me that in every actions and words I say and do I want them to see God not me. It’s a working process but I know God will guide me through it. Thank you. God bless

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