1. Free To Be Me 3:28
  2. I'm Letting Go 2:53
  3. Unpredictable 2:58
  4. My Paper Heart 3:27
  5. Beautiful, Beautiful 3:16
  6. Blue Sky 3:55
  7. Forever Love 3:52
  8. Someday Soon 3:49
  9. Behind The Scenes 4:09
  10. It's Your Life 2:52
  11. Time In Between 3:24

I’m Letting Go

Francesca Battistelli

2 stories about "I’m Letting Go"

  • Malaya Yague says:

    I always made my own plans for my life every hour of my life I said when I go to college I will do this I will get married to so and so. When I started listening. To this song I haven’t planed my life so much. It has lifted so much stress that my plans happen ever since. Now Francessca Battestelli is my favorite composer and that’s all I ask for christmas and my birthday:)

  • Malaya Yague says:

    Btw I am 11

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