1. Everlasting God 4:47
  2. All To You (Album Version) 0:00
  3. Love The Lord (Album Version) 0:00
  4. Let The Praises Ring 4:34
  5. Everybody Praise The Lord (Album Version) 0:00
  6. Lord, I Lift Your Name On High (Album Version) 0:00
  7. All I Really Want (Album Version) 0:00
  8. All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises 5:10
  9. Majestic (Radio Mix) 0:00
  10. The Power Of Your Love (Album Version) 0:00
  11. Shout To The Lord (Album Version) 0:00
  12. He's All I Need (Album Version) 0:00
  13. Everyday (Remix Version) 0:00
  14. Take Me Higher 5:08
  15. What Kind Of Man (Album Version) 0:00
  16. You Are Good (Edited) 0:00
  17. Here I Am To Worship (Live Instrumental Version) 0:00

Everlasting God

Lincoln Brewster

One story about "Everlasting God"

  • Josh Kerr says:

    One week ago, i thought that I was doomed to die freezing to death sleeping in my car due to being homeless, due to fighting cancer and not beingable to work.
    On my second night in the car, i knew that i did not have enough gas to run the engine to keep warm of course broke too and not wanting to steal gas.
    I posted my situation on Prayer Works and within minutes haf some reaching ouy telling me where to go. I went and it has been my savior.
    The staff is absolutley wonderful and helping me get help.
    Whpever it was that posted that, I Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This place has been a life saver!

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