1. Dive 3:58
  2. Speechless 5:07
  3. The Change (Speechless Album Version) 3:46
  4. Great Expectations 5:04
  5. Next Five Minutes (Speechless Album Version) 4:21
  6. Fingerprints of God 4:04
  7. The Invitation (Speechless Album Version) 4:58
  8. Whatever (Speechless Album Version) 4:02
  9. I Do Believe (Speechless Album Version) 4:02
  10. What I Really Want To Say (Speechless Album Version) 4:22
  11. With Hope (Speechless Album Version) 3:26
  12. The Journey (Speechless Album Version) 3:05
  13. Be Still and Know 3:19


Steven Curtis Chapman

One story about "Dive"

  • rich fortman says:

    God’s timing is perfect! I had just my exit interview from a company in which I had been with for over 3 years and had played a major part in their rapid expansion. I left the company for another opportunity that was presented to me, however upon walking out to my car I started to have feelings of doubt and fear. I entered my car and turned on the radio, which was of course on KTIS!

    The first lyrics I heard were:
    “As I walk to the edge
    I know there is no turning back
    Once my feet have left the ledge
    And in the rush I hear a voice
    That’s telling me it’s time to take the leap of faith
    So here I go”

    WOW! God knew exactly what I needed to hear and when the song needed to be played. I am now at full peace and rest and cannot wait for this next journey!

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