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You Carry Me Lyrics

Feels like it’s been miles and miles

Feels like it’s an uphill climb

Sometimes I get weary on the way

But when I look back at where I’ve been

When I look back, I’m sure of it

I was right there in Your arms and I can say


Every moment of my life

God, You never left my side

Every valley, every storm

You were there, You were there

I don’t need to know what’s next

You’ll be with me every step

Through it all, through it all

I can see You carry me


There are days I wonder if

You can fix the mess I’m in

Times when nothing seems

To go the way it should

But then I look back on every season

I can find there’s ten thousand reasons

To trust that You can work all things for good


Through the wind and waves

Through my worst mistakes

Through the times I thought I walked alone

You were holding me

You were whispering

I will never leave you on your own

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One story about "You Carry Me"

  • Amanda Simmons says:

    This song is a true blessing to me. I went through years of recovery of spinal damage and mental damage from a professional in which I could have lost my life. The same year of my injuries not only did I loose my mother unexpectedly, I also had a daughter who was born at 1.2oz who was born with a disease in her stomach and had more than 12 surgeries and several fractures in her bones that I didn’t know about until she came home. I really wanted to throw my life away but I kept the faith. And despite all the pain and suffering, this song helped me realize that God was with me every step of the way and didn’t leave me not one time. Every time I hear this song I think about all the storms he’s got me through even when I didn’t know it. So KTIS, thank you for sharing this song!

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