1. Elevated 3:08
  2. Rivals 3:19
  3. When I'm With You 3:33
  4. I Will 4:05
  5. Bigger 3:04
  6. Revival 4:04
  7. Set It On Fire 3:23
  8. On My Side 3:19
  9. Just Hold On 4:09
  10. All My Cares 3:00
  11. Bulletproof 4:04


Citizen Way

I used to live like I was under attack
Dodging arrows from my past
I had no hope for tomorrow
Felt so much pressure yes I thought I would crack
But now there’s no looking back
I’m moving forward ‘cuz I know

I got my armor now
No fear no doubt can shoot me down
I got my armor now
No fear no doubt gonna shoot me down

Now I’m bulletproof because of You
Because of You
And now I’m bulletproof because of You
Because of You
Your love made a way
Now I’m not afraid
No matter what the world may say or what they do
I am bulletproof because of You because of You

I know You got this whole thing under control
My soul is untouchable because
You’ve already won me
My victory is not in this flesh and bone
It’s in the cross and I know
Nobody’s taking it from me

I don’t have to fear no more
Worry no more

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