1. The Field of Stars 0:54
  2. A Future Not My Own 3:18
  3. Deliverer 3:25
  4. Glory Bound 2:56
  5. Land of My Father 3:32
  6. Everything Is Grace 3:54
  7. The Invocation 1:26
  8. Sons and Daughters 5:19
  9. Firelight 4:14
  10. Instrument 4:23
  11. Abide With Me 3:18
  12. The Waiting 1:27
  13. Because He Lives (Amen) 3:18
  14. Rest 4:41
  15. Borrowed Time 3:38
  16. Because of You 4:25
  17. Garden (Live) 5:09
  18. Because He Lives (Amen) (Unplugged) 3:23

Abide With Me

Matt Maher

I have a home, eternal home
But for now, I walk this broken world
You walked it first, You know our pain
But You show hope can rise again up from the grave

Abide with me, abide with me
Don’t let me fall and don’t let go
Walk with me and never leave
Ever close, God, abide with me

There in the night, Gethsemane
Before the cross, before the nails
Overwhelmed, alone You prayed
You met us in our suffering and bore our shame

Oh, love that will not ever let me go
Love that will not ever let me go
You never let me go
Love that will not ever let me go

And up ahead, eternity
We’ll weep no more and sing for joy, abide with me
Weep no more, sing for joy, abide with me

Ever close, God, abide with me
Ever close, God, abide with me

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