You never listen to me

“You NEVER listen to me!” Have you ever heard those words in your home? It’s the motto of relationship trouble asking for a solution.


Romancing your spouse

It’s easy to take your spouse for granted after you’ve been married a while. You become comfortable and familiar. Maybe you’ve stopped doing the little things that made a difference—the things that made him or her feel special and deeply loved. Don’t forget what made your relationship great. Put the romance back in your…



Alone in marriage

When you first said, “I do,” did you have any idea it would be like this? Are you currently carrying more than you bargained for? Everyone who marries will eventually encounter a season or two where the weight of the relationship ends up on their shoulders. Spouses get sick, distracted, selfish, or overworked; they pursue further…


How to evaluate your marriage at its deepest levels

Have you ever wanted to know how to evaluate the health of your marriage? There are two simple filters that reveal the “spiritual temperature” of your relationship. You can get an accurate view of how your marriage is doing from a biblical perspective. You can see how you’re doing emotionally and spiritually simply by looking…


Is there marriage after kids?

An op-ed piece in the New York Times entitled “Till Children Do Us Part,” seems to suggest that being a parent can be hazardous to marriage. “Over the past two decades many researchers have concluded that 3’s a crowd when it comes to marital satisfaction. More than 25 separate studies have established that marital quality…

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