Growing in Faith

So long and good-bye

Negative self-talk can bring you down without warning. When it does, cling to Psalm 139:14 and remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.


My opposite way

Change…Why don’t we want to change? Change is hard. Do we not think that we are capable? Do you trust God enough to bring great results from change? Or is it because we are afraid of change itself? Those are some hard hitting questions that I have cross-examined myself with and the answers I came up with, before God, were…


Are we there yet?

You hear it from the backseat on a long road trip: “Are we there yet?” My heart sometimes asks that same dividing question think about the miracle of Easter morning. The news of death always makes me drift off to my Heavenly and eternal destination. “Am I there yet?”  There are days when my heart longs,…


Wading through worry

How many days have you woke up with worry? Too many days to count? I love the charge that Jesus gives in Matthew 6 about the worry waters of life. Ever notice how He gives us instructions about what to not about worry? Side note: when there is a “Therefore” in God’s word, it’s a red flag to see what it’s…


Journal journeys

One of my first journals was dated Jan. 4, and since then I have resolved myself to writing things down. My desire to write actually started way back when my dream was very small. Whoever gave this gift, must have known. God must have whispered my dream to them. The name of my first journal was “Multi-Volume Dissertation on Everything”…


God mowed me over

There was a season when God taught me some valuable lessons on forgiveness. It involved a lawn mower, a fence post and whole lot of sweat and tears. That hot summer day, I was about the business of mowing our yard, my weekly chore. I didn’t want to be there, I never did. Because our yard is really renovated pasture grass, there are…


Some reasons to get out of bed today

If you are like me you are running on empty most days, and your to-do list just keeps growing and growing.  Most days are overwhelming with a cumulative list of tasks. Ever get to the point of thinking twice about getting out of bed?  The doorway to depression is often calling your name, beckoning your heart to just succumb to the…


One small fish

“To make us feel small in the right way is a function of art; men can only make us feel small in the wrong way.” E. M. Forster Ever have that feeling of realizing you are a small fish in a big pond? Yup, me too. Every time I see a beautiful sunset or Orion’s striking starry frame on a clear night’s sky. My mind drifts…


What’s the deal with purity?

Purity.  Isn’t that just for single people or those who have claimed a life of celibacy? Usually when you hear that word it’s used in the same sentence as a youth minister’s Wednesday night lesson.  It certainly is a battlefield that seems to have few victories in the lives of teens and singles.  …



In your time of need, God provides

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus –Philippians 4:19 He’s done it for you many times in your life, but it can be so easy to forget that during the toughest times that you face, the creator of the universe is right there with you. And so often that confirmation of God’s…


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