Growing in Faith

When you face disappointments

There are times when life is full of one disappointment after another. Or so it seems. Who hasn’t had a big slice of that? Disappointment comes in all shapes and sizes, many colors and at different times. How do I let Jesus be my Shepherd and help me over this gap of disappointment between my expectations and my reality so that…



Dear you

This may look like it comes easy, but it doesn’t. Some days, knowing what to share with you and what to keep inside, reveal some uncertain areas for me. I have a tendency to just spill my spiritual guts but also selfishly I don’t want to open up to you. Until that one person says….”I love what you are doing on…


I dare you to say

There are days then I just have to sigh deeply and think there are just those souls who don’t get me… I wish I could say that I reach out to God every time. But sometimes I forget. First comes complaint, then I throw up my hands, then look to God and wonder. It’s when my heart does wander that I find release to let the criticism…


Rest assured, you are heard

I was helping my sweet friend with her dishes. I was telling her a few things that I had been praying through and some answers where I felt God’s leading. She was quiet, patient, and methodical with her hands while I shared. She heard my heart. She listened. She heard. Ask any woman. When we have a conversation with you, we just…


“Excuse me, will you clean this toilet?”

It needed cleaning. The “it” was a dingy, grungy unused toilet tucked away in the corner of the old garage. Volunteers had scoured the rest of the renovated space making it fit for a new mechanic that was opening a shop. All that was left to do before we moved on to the next room was that bathroom. “Excuse me, would…


If my rose bushes could talk

I am giggling on the inside about the title of this blog. Of course, rose bushes can’t talk. But if they could, I wonder what they would have said the other day when I was pruning my two Knockout rose bushes. You may remember the day beauty came back into my life in the midst of a mess. I was trimming some dead buds off of the tips of the…


The heat of the desert

We all have specific seasons that we journey through. There are times you feel the heat of a desert. Have you ever felt that way? From my prayer journal… “I yearn for your answers God. You know my prayers, my hopes, dreams and desires. I long for Your promises to be complete. Sometimes the waiting period seems unbearable.…


I couldn’t find Lamentations

The other day I had trouble finding the book of Lamentations. I woke up at my normal time But on this day, there was trouble brewing in my soul. I had just finished off three pages of confession in my spiral bound journal with nothing left put shame in my head.…not a good place to be. Shame was bouncing off of doubt, resentment, uncertainty,…


Stormy days where God meets you

These storms don’t seem to stop. And I am not talking about severe weather storms that turn deadly. I am talking about life storms where sorrow shapes our faith. There are stormy days that hover over my life that have left some killer scars on my heart. It’s okay, don’t worry about me. I don’t speak of them…


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