Growing in Faith

My fear was frozen until I let it go

I was so excited to spend the girl’s weekend with her. I had missed her since she moved miles away to another state, and it had been months since we really talked. We wanted to make a new memory to continue our faithful friendship. I landed on her doorstep full of giggles and grins. We stayed up late into the night swapping stories and…


Talk about practice!

How do you do live a life that really matters? How can our faith outlive our physical years? I can relate this to my actions to maintain a weight loss of 132 lbs. Now that I have succeeded at my goal, I want to maintain my goal weight. So how do I do that? I continue to make healthy lifestyle choices regarding food and exercise. Now that I know…


Why would a mother eat those bugs?

I lined up the pancakes two by two, they lay still upon the warm cook top. I stood back to see how many breakfasts it would make and I was a little surprised. There, in the middle of a messy kitchen batter-filled morning, God lined up truth on my Mother’s Day. My heart fluttered a little bit back to an African mother I fondly call the…


Bucket list

Have you ever heard the phrase “bucket list?” It means the things you want to do before you before you “kick the bucket.” I recently read an article titled “The Before You’re Forty Bucketlist.”  It was a decent list, full of things both spiritual (read the bible) and temporal (watch every film on the AFI top 100 list).…


Yes, I want to live like that

Hebrews 11 is full of faith stories that are inspiring. Their faith has made a big difference in my life. The awesome stories recorded in the faith “hall of fame”, remind us of who God is and motivates me to know and seek Him more. How could we not be moved by a God who parts the waters of a raging sea, leads a nation out of slavery…


The perfect storm

We all need an encouraging word as storms come our way. Let’s get this out of the way first: It does no good to point fingers at who’s fault life’s storms are. It’s just a fact of life that our days are full of “stormy days”. And pointing the finger of blame doesn’t really help us at all, it…


Dealing with doubt

The Easter story wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of “Doubting Thomas”. Sometimes I think that loyal follower gets a bad rap. Haven’t we’ve all struggled with doubt at one point in our faith journey? If I was honest, I know I have. It’s true that Thomas was a doubter, and labeled…


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