If you have battled addiction, regret, or shame, you have probably been encouraged by Zach Williams and his song Chainbreaker on 98.5 KTIS.  You can really feel the emotion as he sings that song, too, as he has his own story about how the hope of Jesus set him free:



One Response to "How Zach Williams found hope"

  • Cassie Williams says:

    Amazing story!!! The second I decided to get baptized this summer, “Chain Breaker” started playing on the radio. I listened to the lyrics and became emotional feeling Jesus was sending me a message through the song that I was making a good decision to be baptized. I have struggled with forgiveness towards the way my parents have treated me growing up & continued to treat me. Everytime that song plays on my playlist or on the radio gives me a constant reminder of why after 32 years I’ve been able to forgive my parents and became a reborn Christian. Thank you Zach Williams for writing a great song & I can’t wait to listen to you at Mall of America!!

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