Mayonnaise.  I always throw a fit about mayonnaise.

Recently at work my Office Manager asked for my sandwich order from a sub shop, and I told her that it must be without mayonnaise—that mayonnaise is the one thing I throw a fit about.  She laughed—harder than I was expecting—and it wasn’t because she thought I was clever or funny.

She said, “Joe, I’ve seen you throw a fit about a lot more than mayonnaise!”

Instantly, flashes bombarded my mind in public declarations and overinflated opinions on coffee houses, the Minnesota Twins, the number of lights that should be on over the cubicles, plenty of office debates, and many more fits I had thrown.

It was clarifying for me.  My self-perception of my own “go-with-the-flowness” had conveniently glossed over my other loud opinions.  Whereas others knew the depth of my preferences on a myriad of topics around the office.

Then I wondered how often I do the same glossing over of my sin.  “Do I need to confess any sin today?” I ask myself as I start to pray–as if the answer isn’t always a resounding yes!  Yes, Lord, I have fallen short of perfection today.  Yes, Lord, I fail on so many levels every day.  Yes, Lord, I am constantly in need of Your love and grace.

I’m so glad there are people in my life who can sharpen me, refine me, and give me the grace I need when I fail.  Today my heart needed to be aware of two things: 1. I am not as great as I think I am.  2. God (and others) love me anyway.

Would you pray with me?
God, may You grant us the ability remember to how much we need You.  Not so we can beat ourselves up and think about how bad we are, but so we may dwell on how deep Your love is for us.  Thank You that we will never find the end of that love.  Help us to love You deeper and deeper every day.  Amen.

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