Remember hidden tracks on CDs?  The last song would end, but you would still see more time remaining on the counter. It was a fun surprise, and one of these surprises had me in tears 20 years ago as a teenager (and it still does today).

The most meaningful Rebecca St. James song for me is buried at the end of her (20 year old but still fantastic) album God.  Coming on the heels of the final track “Go and Sin No More” is a song that reinforces God’s inexhaustible grace called Psalm 139.

This song has carried me through moments of feeling unlovable, unforgivable, and unworthy.  It takes me to a place where I understand the seriousness of my sin, but the overwhelming goodness of God’s mercy.

Psalm 139

You search me
You know me
You see my every move
There’s nothing I could ever do
To hide myself from You

You know my thoughts
My fears and hurts
My weaknesses and pride
You know what I am going through
And how I feel inside

But even though You know
You will always love me
Even though You know
You’ll never let me go
I don’t deserve Your love
But you give it freely
You will always love me
Even though you know

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