Some days you may feel life’s personal challenges are nearly insurmountable. Ginny Owens is a friend and you here her music on KTIS. But you may not be aware of her challenges. Recently her words helped me search my heart, and look at my life in a more positive light. Her perspective taught me that the choice is mine.

Keith: For the people who may have started listening for the first time, you have been visually impaired since a very young age.

Ginny: Yes.

Keith: But you say that your blindness hasn’t been the biggest challenge in your life?

Ginny: That is true! Well, sometimes when you meet someone for the first time, they think oh bless their heart, she’s blind, something so wrong- but when you live with a certain challenge every day, you don’t really think of it anymore. You think much more of the other things going on, of the other challenges in life. We all have those, right? One of the things that I find that is often on my mind are the voices that I’m hearing in my mind. My newest album is all about what is the loudest, what do you listen to the most, the things that are chatting at me all day, what do I give the most credit to? Sometimes when I walk into a restaurant and I hear someone whisper “She’s going to run into the wall!”

Keith: When you hear those whispers around you, and who might feel sorry for you, what goes through your head?

Ginny: You know, I am so much an introvert that the first thing that goes through my mind is that I want to go run and hide – they’re talking about me!  It’s so embarrassing. But I think one of the great things that God has done in the whispers that I hear around me is that I have to face them. You have to learn to trust Him, smile, and walk through it. I like to make jokes out of things as often as possible, to have a sense of humor about it, and even make the person who was whispering about you smile in some way, making them comfortable in the moment. I have learned that the more I can tune my heart to God’s voice, the less importance those voices have.