I like to think I’m a calm person, but at the wrong moment, I can easily turn from mild-mannered Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk!  Anger can get the best of anyone, but there’s one simple thing you can do every time your kids pick on each other one too many times, or that co-worker gets under your skin.

Kendra Smiley, Author of the new devotional, Mother of the Year: 365 Days of Encouragement for Devoted Moms, has this advice:

There are two words that are very different. There is “react” and then there is “respond.”

Now a reaction is sort of like when I go into the doctor’s office and he takes that little hammer and he hits my knee. Well I don’t have to think about it and he stands aside because he knows it’s going to work every time.

Then there is responding and I call that a thinking reply. As a mom, sometimes it’s tough to respond and we sort of react to the situation. Whether it be something that our child has done when we know for sure he knew he shouldn’t have done that, or the teenager who comes in later than they were told, it’s not a good idea to react in those situations.

Instead, do whatever it takes for you to respond instead of react like taking a deep breath, or counting to 10. Responding isn’t as easy as reacting, but it’s something that God will help you to do and it is the next right voice.

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