I continue to be amazed at the ministry of Prison Fellowship!  Their camping and mentoring program help kids, who are the innocent victims of crime, actually get a week away at camp and hear about the grace and love of Jesus.  It’s such a gift to these kids who would normally not be able to attend summer camp.  Jennifer Lowrey is the Program Manager for Angel Tree Camping and Mentoring, and today, she shared another amazing story about a camper named John:

Some of the camps that we work with really work with kids on forgiveness and processing what’s happened with their parents. John wrote this: “Dad, I was very excited when you got of prison, but also sad that you didn’t keep your promise. When you murdered uncle Mike, I was really disappointed.”    This can be normal for some kids! You don’t even realize a lot of things that kids are dealing with. When they can go to a place where they can be real, and know that they are loved and accepted, stuff like this happens. John got some tools for dealing with darkness in the week that he had at camp. It’s so important for  kids to be able to figure out a way to forgive, not necessarily because it heals the relationship on its own, but because it helps them move on and be healthy.

John’s Story

I hope you join me in supporting this outstanding ministry.

Learn how you can make a story like this possible by sending a kid to camp.

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