I am constantly amazed at the ministry of Prison Fellowship!  Their camping and mentoring program help kids, who are the innocent victims of crime, actually get a week away at camp and hear about the grace and love of Jesus.  It’s such a gift to these kids who would normally not be able to attend summer camp.  Jennifer Lowrey is the Program Manager for Angel Tree Camping and Mentoring, and shared this amazing story.

I’ve got this letter that has burned in my heart for four or five years that I want to recap for you.  This is a young lady who went to camp, and she was probably in 3rd or 4th grace when she went.  She said, “thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.  This was the best summer ever, and it’s not even over yet!  I’ve gone through a lot and I wanted to tell you my story…”  She tells us in this letter that she never knew her dad, that he was in prison.  When her mom found a boyfriend, the boyfriend beat her mom, her, and her siblings–eventually killing her younger sister.  She pours her heart out in this letter, yet she was able to go to camp and have a week where people loved her, where she could just be normal for a minute, and that made a huge impact in her life.  So many of the kid we work with struggle with that and they struggle forgiveness.

Jennifer’s Camp Story

I hope you join me in supporting this outstanding ministry.

Learn how you can make a story like this possible, by sending a kid to camp.

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