Are you learning new things?  Are you growing?  Are you challenging yourself?  My answer to those questions would be…sort of.  Not a very resounding endorsement, is it?  It’s so easy to get caught up in the same old routine of every day that years pass, and we’re doing pretty much the same thing we were doing in 2009!   That’s why when I found this post on a website about taking a comedy master class from comedian Steve Martin, I thought…”funny, but I couldn’t do that”…”I couldn’t…could I?”…”Why Not?” …”I Should!!!”…”I will!!”.  And I plunked down the $90 and I’m enrolled!   I thought you might want to jump out of your predictable routine too so here’s the website.  You can learn about singing, film-making, writing, directing or a bunch of other stuff.  Carpe diem, my friend!