I’m not. At least I’m not smarter than a sweet home schooled five year old from Oklahoma who out spelled her up to 14 year old counterparts to win the chance to represent her region in Oklahoma at the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee Championship on May 28th in Washington DC. Edith Fuller is now the youngest regional spelling bee champ ever, besting competitors as much as three times her age. 5 year old Edith won the regional contest In Tulsa, Oklahoma, over the weekend.  She beat out 53 other kids, some as old as 15, to take the crown with the word Jnana.

Annie Fuller, Edith’s mom, said, “She’s obviously very bright we were amazed to find that she really has a knack for spelling and can remember words that she’s seen and heard very easily.” Edith’s parents say they discovered their daughter’s talent for spelling last year when she spelled the word ‘restaurant’ correctly.

I decided to see if I would qualify for the spelling bee and was kicked out after the first round of spelling and vocabulary tests on the Scripps National Spelling Bee website. You can take it too and maybe you’ll do better than I did: