I’m always looking for ways to help you improve your life!  Spring is around the corner, and in a stressed out world with everything and everyone pulling at your time, how can you find enough minutes in the day to work out?  Well, it’s amazing what 10 minutes can do for you.  If you don’t have time for long workouts, perhaps a shorter one will help.  Here are some things you can do in a short amount of time that will benefit you. Some helpful ideas!  Multiple 10 minute initiatives can help improve blood pressure, cardiac health, and endurance.   Why not steal some time for you! The little things add up during the day.   Here’s some suggestions I’ve found to be helpful:

1-Waiting for a doctor’s appointment or your kids game to finish up can be the perfect time to take advantage of some healthy activities.  Why not take time to walk or pace the hallway, or take a walk around the field. (If there are bleachers, go up and down them a few times!)

2-Amp up your walks by striding up hills, stepping on and off a curb, and even parking in the last row of the parking lot and walking to the front of the store.

3-Play catch with your kid or with a friend.

4-Walk double laps around the neighborhood!  After you have done your first walk, do it again.  Double everything on Tuesdays.  Two for Tuesdays!

5-In the supermarket, grab a basket instead of a cart.  If you only have a few items, it could help you tone your arms.  Maybe the little things do make a difference!

6-Take a 10 minute walk with the dog 3 times a day (mornings, noon, and afternoons). Try speed intervals.  Start walking, then quicken your pace so you are walking as fast as you can. Slow down for a minute or two and then begin again.  Make sure you are wearing running shoes!

7-Go to bed 10 minutes earlier per night until you reach your goal of getting enough sleep!