It’s the age old question.  Which is more important: time or money?  For me, time wins in the end.  But more importantly than any of that, what is your calling?  What are you purposed to do with your life? Why are you on this planet and what exactly has God called you to do?  These are questions that we all wrestle with. For most, it takes the help of a good friend, faithful family members, the Word of God, prayer, and time to sort it all out.  Once we know that answer, we can begin to be purposeful with what we are called to do.

Roma Downey, who was a part of creating the Bible mini-series and Touched by an Angel, recently shared how she is choosing to dedicate her time and energies.  It’s a side of life that we seldom hear from folks in Hollywood.  I appreciate her heart, her perspective on time, and her values.  I hope you will enjoy our recent conversation.

Roma Downey shares about purpose