I love the story of Grandma Naomi!  She’s 90 years old and lives in a nursing home. On Christmas day, her family came to bring her to their house to celebrate Christmas and open gifts. They sat around the tree and had a wonderful dinner together.  Naomi’s favorite gift was a beautiful warm red blanket.  She was so happy with that present as she is quite cold in the winter, even with the heater on, and she loved that gift very much.

They will always remember that morning when they went to get her out of the nursing home.  They arrived, went to her room, helped her put on her coat, and wheeled her out the front door, through the parking lot and over to their car.  Just then,  the nurses came running out from the nursing home waiving and shouting, “Come back here!  You can’t just wheel grandma out of the nursing home!  You have to fill out the paperwork!”  The family was so surprised as they were unware of the procedure.  So, they went back inside and filled out the paperwork and then brought grandma Naomi back out to their car and brought home for Christmas Day.   The family sat around the fireplace and laughed that this will always be the Christmas where they “stole” grandma Naomi from the nursing home!

My most memorable holidays were the ones with my grandparents. Maybe that is true for you too.  Where did all those years go?

They brought Grandma Naomi back to the nursing home that night, and with a tear in their eye, they said goodbye to her.

By the way, the family went back to see her New Year’s Eve, and there she was with the heat on high sitting next to her radiator all cuddled up in her chair asleep with the warm red blanket she received at Christmas.  It’s hard to imagine a world without grandmas!   As for Grandma Naomi, she has silver in their hair, and gold in her heart!