What was that “greatest of all time” Christmas gift when you were a kid?

I remember mine.  It almost brought me to tears.

An Atari 2600.

Oh sure, you laugh today at the fake woodgrain on the front of the video game console and the cumbersome joystick controller, but back then I could hardly contain my excitement watching my brothers play Defender in our home.  On our TV.  It was a dream come true.

It was a dream come true until all of the boys in the neighborhood wanted to come over and play with it, too.  The joysticks weren’t as responsive over time, the woodgrain developed wear spots, and the game cartridges worked sporadically.  Worst of all, there were new and improved game consoles finding their way into my friends’ homes.  So the Atari 2600 eventually found its way to my parents’ attic to rest in peace.

That “greatest of all time” gift seemed so life changing to receive, didn’t it?  But gifts wear out.  The present our kids swear they’ll use forever captures their affection for about three weeks.  There might be a few adults willing to admit that’s still true for them today.  Perhaps that’s why the trend to limit gift giving in families continues to grow.

We all try to find meaning from Christmas.

As you open gifts with family and friends, attend a Christmas Eve candlelight service, or remember loved ones unable to be with you this year, we each have an opportunity to know and worship Jesus.  Yes, not only is He the babe born in a manger, but Jesus is also the image of the invisible God who loves you so much that He left the perfection of Heaven to be born into our very imperfect world.  He lived a perfect life (that none of us could), and He became the perfect answer to make amends for our shortcomings and failures.  A great place for you to read more is John 3:5-21.  As we recognize who Jesus really is, we each have a role to admit to Him we’ve fallen short by simply talking to Him in prayer, recognize He is the only one who can help, and ask Jesus for help with a sincere heart.  It’s your chance to turn from the things that cause hurt and look to Jesus to give you a satisfied soul.

Your Christmas will have meaning.  Real meaning.

The best part?  That gift you’ve received can’t be taken from you, wear out, or become boring.  It is the greatest gift of all time.  And it’s why we celebrate The Real Meaning of Christmas at 98.5 KTIS.  Thank you for celebrating it with us.

If you have questions about the real meaning of Christmas, please e-mail me at dstjohn@myktis.com.

Merry Christmas!