For many the holiday season can be difficult, missing friends, and loved ones.  My wife Sue and I are extremely grateful to have our four boys home right now.  Personally I can’t even imagine this special time of year without our family together.

I talked with Jessica.  She said her son is away for the holidays, and the adjustment hasn’t been easy…

Jessica: 22 years ago I got the best Christmas present ever.  My 22 year young son was born on Christmas day!  He brought so much joy into my life, and he’s an amazing kid.  He’s now in the Air Force serving our great country, and I’m so proud of him.  He won’t hear this because he’s not in the United States, so this will be our first Christmas and birthday that we don’t get to be together.  But it’s still a pretty great deal that I have a Christmas present every year because he’s a pretty awesome kid.

Keith: He really is fortunate to have you as a wonderful mom, and I can hear you Jessica.  Are you tearing up a little bit?

Jessica: A little bit!  I talked to him today, and he’s doing well.  He said he should be sleeping because he’s many hours ahead of me, but he talk to me and told me that it snowed a little bit where he is but when he woke up it was all gone.  It’s really different there, and to be there in December and not in Minnesota where there is snow and cold.  His name is Jordan.

Keith:  What did you say to Jordan just before you hung up the phone?

Jessica:  I told him, “I love you, kiddo.”  He said, “I love you too, mom.”

Hear Jessica’s call