Here’s a reality check: there were over 12,000 children that entered out-of-home placement in 2014, and the need is increasing.

My frantic life has two kids going many different directions, so I understand how it can be easy to see numbers like that and think, “What can I do?”  You can be the miracle to one child by considering adoption or foster care.  If you are afraid that you don’t have the right training to do something like that, there is a local ministry that can help equip you and support you every step of the way.

Bethany Christian Services is a ministry that can help, and Executive Director Lynn Lewis stopped by the morning show to encourage you along your journey:

One of the things I can see about Bethany is that we provide support for our foster parents and adoptive parents.  We provide training, so it’s not like you’re just starting off cold and taking a child into your home. We walk besides our foster and adoptive parents, so that there is a worker there who supports them.  They receive training.  We also have support groups.  You receive mentorship from others who have fostered and adopted, so there is a great deal of support. And then I also feel as though if God is leading you in that direction to foster or adopt, that isn’t a calling for everyone, but for some it is. So if you are inclined and God is leading you in that direction, we want to help you down that journey.

Lynn Lewis on the KTIS Morning Show


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