“Not now honey… maybe tomorrow night…” 

I said those words to my 11 year old daughter, and watched her deflate. And I knew I blew it. 

We’ve been reading “Black Beauty” together before bed time. But it’s taken us over a year. We’re averaging 1 chapter per week. Between swim practices, grad-school work, church events, and some work I’ve brought home, the evenings have gotten full, and I promise her that tomorrow night will be better.  

But it isn’t always better, and she knows it. 

As I watch her hang her head and bring the book back to her room, her 16 year old sister walked by. “Just 2 more years until she leaves for college,” I thought. The years flew by.  

I mentioned that to her, and we talked about some of our favorite memories. It struck me that the things she remembers the most are family hikes we took together, or silly moments in the back yard. It’s not the expensive vacations and outings, not the amusement parks. It was the time we made for each other. Those are simple, and they are the moments that will stick with my kids the longest. 

I called the 11 year old back out to the living room, and we made a memory together.  

“Chapter 49… One day during this summer the groom cleaned and dressed me with such extraordinary care that I thought….” 

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