You have your very own personal coach, Wendie Pett! She joins you each Monday morning with an encouraging message to help kickstart your week and to keep you fit in mind, body and spirit. Today she’s launching a 6 week walking program where many have found success in getting fit. You can learn more at WalkItOffNow and start walking with your friends and co-workers this spring!

Here’s today’s encouraging message:

You’re looking to drop some weight quickly because summer is right around the corner, right?  If you’re like most people I talk to you’re looking for a quick-fix detox or you’re on a mission to stop eating “carbs” altogether.  Or at least that’s what you think you want until you realize that you need a certain amount of carbs to function at a healthy state, and that fruits and vegetables are carbs–just complex ones.  So maybe just change your thinking on carbs to avoid unhealthy simple carbs rather than carbs as a whole.  Now about that detox.  There’s nothing wrong with a detox if you’re doing it in a healthy fashion.  But here’s the deal.  You don’t need to detox if you eat healthy food to begin with on a regular basis.  “That’s no fun,” you say?  What’s more fun: being lethargic, over-weight, and consumed by aches and pains, or having a ton of energy, a strong immune system, and little to no inflammation?  Yes, my goal is to encourage you to make healthy eating a way of life and not just a way to fit into your summer clothes.  When you choose healthy, your willpower muscles get stronger and stronger every time.

Walk It Off – Week 1 Encouragement


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