Pray for others, and receive encouragement from knowing others are praying for the requests you post.  It’s that easy.


19 Responses to "PrayerWorks App"

  • Amy Tillery says:

    I desperate need of prayer. Am in a horrible financial bind and could use the prayers

    1. Larry Green says:

      I will pray for you… Let it all go, cast your worries upon the Lord…. I did this in the midst of horrific financial trials… God is good…. He will see you through.

  • I could use a prayer for my Daughter as she is struggling in her life right now <3 she needs to uplifted and find her way back home

  • Paul Zunker says:

    Need an android app!!!!

    1. Larry Green says:

      Yes please… Android app

  • Kari Goodman says:

    Need prayers for my aunt and her fiance. He is having surgery again today.

  • Larry Green says:

    Prayer… WORKS…. I praise the lord for answered prayers… I have asked for prayers regarding finamcial… Work and immigration issues… Although all are not fixed… The Lord has cured one issue… Has begun His plans for another… He does not solve everything with forewarning for us… As He wants us to put all of our trust and faith in Him.
    The Lord our God is an AWESOME GOD!

  • Carie D says:

    Looking for prayer. A lot is going on and I need some solace and comfort. Plz. Pray for peace and healing.

  • kim monson says:

    Prayers for my daughter looking for a job as a newly single mom who has been home with her 2 year old but does have college degree.

  • kim monson says:

    Prayers for son for opportunities to find better job with his music or better job in general. Struggling to make it even with degree. Thanks

  • Hello eveyone! If you are reading this status then I like you to please really pray for me. I am at a really low point in my life right now. Never thought that I would ever be a single mother. I never asked for it, its really hard on me, so I am with family now. Some times I feel like I failed in life I am in the process of finding a place for my son and I to call our home. So if you can pray for me, that God will help us get our own place, It would be great.
    Thank you so mch

  • Karen H says:

    Good Morning everyone. Last night I received a heart breaking phone call from my oldest sister. He husband has been admitted to ICU. He has been coughing up quite a bit of blood and after a catscan, the Dr found a large mass in the middle of his chest and does not look good. Unable to operate due to the location being do close to a main artery. Please,please pray for healing and or sharing of mass do surgery can be done. Any and all prayers welcome for healing and recovery as well as strength for my sis and her family. Thank you and thank you Jesus!

  • Prayers for bondage of addiction going to rehab soon ask to keep me lifted in prayer to conquer this demonic force
    In JESUS name, Amen

    1. Greg Morrow says:

      Praying for you!!!!

  • Greg Morrow says:

    Please pray we are in need of God to provide for our finances. I have been out of work for almost a month. I quit a job to start another and then was called and told that I was lacking experience. I was hired at Cemstone about a week and half ago and am waiting for my background checks to come back!! In the mean time all of our bills are way behind including our rent. Thanks in advance for your prayers.

  • Please pray for DRVB, lost his job as a electrical engineer due to a lay off. He is suffering emotionally. Shutting loved ones out. Suffers with anger,anxiety and depression. Marriage was rocky before this. Wife moved out and got her own place, causing more financial issues for them. Born and raised with a faith background also attending Catholic schools and colleges. Faith is not something he is strong in. As a parent I feel horrible seeing my Son suffer this way. Thank you all for your assistance in this prayer, God speed upon all.

  • Tica Holt says:

    My sister had a massive heart attack. She is only 37 please pray complete healing for her. I’m trusting the Lord. Nothing is impossible with him. Thank you. Please also pray for my mom. She has already lost 2 children and could not handle losing another child.

  • My sister in law is anti religion, saying horrible things about politics and religion. Before the election last November she was talking about going to church and getting my young niece baptized.. now she says these terrible things in front of her daughter and is so hateful.. I would appreciate prayers to open her heart to the loving God I know and to our savior Jesus.. and I pray that God will give me words to her arguments that will help her, I failed tremendously tonight.. please pray for M and little M..

  • I’m asking for prayer for my daughter, Ashley. She is battling an addiction to narcotics, including prescription medications. She has become involved in the underworld of drugs and all that it entails. She is no longer the Christian woman she once was and I’m asking for prayers for her protection and recovery according to God’s will.

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