When Bluebirds Fly…Losing a Child, Living with Hope


If you’ve lost a loved one, no matter who they are, you can gain hope, faith and love with the message in Minnetonka, MN resident JoAnne Kuzma Deveny’s book, “When Bluebirds Fly…Losing a Child, Living with Hope”.  JoAnn’s website says about the book:

“When Bluebirds Fly starts with a riveting account of the Deveny’s journey to their son’s bedside, and then leads you through the adversities that often come with a tragedy: alcoholism, gambling addictions, panic attacks, bankruptcy and more along with the loss and rediscovery of faith. But the story doesn’t end there. After life’s momentum brings them through marital difficulties and back, it concludes their relationship with a surprising turn of events.

After reading When Bluebirds Fly, you’ll want to recommend it to friends who are going through adversities or would merely enjoy a true story of love, loss, faith, and revelation.”

We spoke with JoAnn this morning on the 98.5 KTIS Morning Show and she shared her pain and most importantly her victory through faith after the death of her 18 month old son in 1991 and then, unbelievably the death of her husband in 2002. You can listen to the interview here:

JoAnn Deveny interview Part 1

JoAnn Deveny interview Part 2

JoAnn will also be the featured speaker on November 23rd at Widow Might’s 3rd Annual NOVEMBERING DINNER. Register here.


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